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Import and Distribution

SOTA works exclusively with leading overseas manufacturers that supply quality product on time and in accordance with the agreed specification. When you buy an imported product from SOTA, you're leveraging more than 20 years combined experience in sourcing, product design and development and, supply chain and logistics management expertise. It will be supplied on time and to a quality standard as if we made it ourselves.

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SOTA has secured an exclusive supply contract with a leading European manufacturer of hermetically sealed paper cups. This factory offers both rolled edge and flat rim cups. The plant has an annual capacity in excess of 150M cups. Cups from this factory have been distributed in major European markets for the past 20 years, during which time it's products have gained an outstanding reputation for reliable quality and performance. A number of significant customers have been and continue to be supplied out of this factory, including Tesco, Slovakia, Bongrain SA of France, NIKA and Alimpex Food.

The print capability is exceptional and extends to film/paper membranes. Offset printing in up to 8 colours can be offered. SOTA also represents two leading paper cup factories in China, one specialising in food service cups and the other in cups for ice cream, frozen yoghurt and smoothies. We offer paper lids or over caps as part of this range.