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SOTA (State Of The Art)

SOTA is aggressively investing in new production capacity and capability and has simultaneously developed strong import programmes to ensure the best possible competitive position and a comprehensive packaging product range. SOTA Packaging utilises leading edge "best practice" packaging technologies to deliver a range of benefits, such as improved quality, capacity for market differentiation and material cost efficiencies relative to existing suppliers.

Competitive Edge SOTA PAckaging Composite Cans


  • SOTA Packaging (SOTA) is focussed on achieving industry leadership in the manufacture, importing and distribution of its chosen packaging categories.
  • SOTA is led by its two highly experienced co-founders – David Kilpatrick (Managing Director) and Eddy Pahor (General Manager).
  • SOTA has installed, commissioned and is operating the first linear forming composite can making line in the whole of the Australian and South East Asian region.
  • SOTA's manufacturing base and head office is located in Perth. In conjunction with its 3PL network (Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne), SOTA is able to deliver a national distribution and service platform for customers.
  • SOTA is also soon to commence distribution in New Zealand in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.
  • SOTA has secured business with a number of leading Australian food companies supplying composite cans, paper cups, cartons, paper bags and service lines such as gloves, bin liners, foil containers and wraps.

SOTA is especially committed to supporting customers with products composed wholly or primarily from paper and paperboard, providing all the benefits of this natural resource:

  • Carbon capture via managed, sustainable and renewable forests;
  • Recyclable materials with existing high recycle rates;
  • Outstanding print capability; Strong consumer preference and favourable perceptions of quality; and
  • The incorporation of already recycled content where appropriate.

Australia's market dynamics and customer engagement to date indicate SOTA products are poised to experience strong and consistent growth.