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Sota Packaging Philosophy

SOTA provides products that represent the very best in quality, design and functionality, based on worldwide best practice;

We offer the greatest possible opportunity to differentiate your business, whilst connecting with and serving your customers’ needs.

Our commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability is demonstrated by the use of renewable resources, recyclability, biodegradability and a smaller carbon footprint for our business and yours.


The basis for all of mankind's great achievements. Think of something you're passionate about.... that's how we feel about our business and it drives us to deliver great design, innovation, reliability, quality and reduced costs. Our PASSION will ensure seamless integration of our business with yours and great ideas to improve your CVP (Customer Value Proposition).


Passion has to be supported by competence, experience, intellect and skills. With a combined 20+ years in packaging and more than 30 years in manufacturing, the SOTA team have all of the skills and ability to bring your product to market and to optimise your packaging. If you have a dream of how you'd like your packaging to work, talk to us and we will make it happen.


Okay, so we can design and develop great packaging because we're PASSIONATE. We can make it happen because we're POTENT in our chosen areas of expertise. But you need to be sure it keeps on happening, day in day out. We're all about PERFORMANCE. We don't want to find out at the end of the day or week that we did "OK"... we want to know that we EXCELLED. We're not happy unless we're exceeding our customers' expectations!


What about when things go wrong, or when things are incredibly difficult? Not just hard but almost impossible? This is the quality that gets us through these difficulties and delivers results for our customers each and every time. We've started and built a sustainably profitable new business during an incredibly challenging time. We're a living example of the value of PERSEVERANCE - PASSION - POTENCY - PERFORMANCE - (IN) PERPETUITY

In Perpertuity

When we've successfully translated these values into a great packaging range and supply relationship for your business, we want you to know that it's sustainable. The ability to drive and deliver great outcomes in PERPETUITY means we must work with a resource which is cost effectively renewable and recyclable. That's why the sixth "P" for us is PAPER. Our brilliant and innovative use of PAPER in our packaging range means that we can do great things for your business in PERPETUITY, PASSION, POTENCY, PERFORMANCE and PERSEVERANCE. Let us demonstrate the impact that our five "P's" can have on your business.